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3. April 2020 17:59
by Phillip's Flowers

Spring 2020 Weddings: What's a Couple to Do?

3. April 2020 17:59 by Phillip's Flowers | 0 Comments

Couples planning their wedding for this Spring, are faced with an unprecednted challenge.  Safety guidelines designed to combat COVID-19 make social gatherings and food service virtually out of the question, travel is becoming increasingly difficult, some critical wedding vendors may be temporarily closed, and no one knows when precautions will be lifted.   What's a couple to do? 

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Whatever you do, don't panic.  We'll get through this together.  But, If you're facing this dilema, here are a few valuable tips and options to consider.

Contact your vendors, starting with your venues, hotels (if any), food providers, and florist.  Most will be very accommodating, offer suggestions, and even tentatively hold alternate dates for you in the future.  Many will also be glad to apply some or all of your deposit to a future date.

Don't be in too much of a rush to reschedule.  We'll all know a lot more in weeks to come.  And, don't feel you're alone.  Thousands and thousands of couples all over America are having to adjust their wedding plans just like you.

Can't wait to get married?  Consider a small private ceremony now and a large post-wedding reception later.  For the ceremony, you can probably include your maid of honor, best man, officiant, and parents, if you wish.  Your other guests will understand and many will even be grateful.  If you pursue this option, consider making it a virtual wedding by streaming your ceremony to family and friends, so they can share the moment with you regardless of their location, age, or health concerns.

The good news?  According to WeddingPro, 96% of couples facing the Spring 2020 challenge are rescheduling at least their reception, with roughly 60% opting for July through October, 15% shifting to 2021, and 23% still deciding on a date.  So, if you're thinking about doing the same, you're definitly in good company.  Most importantly, your wedding can still be a truly beautiful and memorable event, and years from now you'll have a great story to tell your kids and grandkids, too.

Credits:  Photo courtesy of Kristina Taheri Events and Phillip's Flowers.