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1. May 2023 20:59
by Phillip's Flowers

Drake Oak Brook Outdoor Wedding

1. May 2023 20:59 by Phillip's Flowers | 0 Comments

We just had to share these sweet memories from Kjersten and Josh's wedding at the Drake Oak Brook.  You wouldn't know it from these photos, but this wonderful couple had to deal with lots of last-minute wedding day challenges, including an unexpected change for the location of their cermoney virtually one day before the event!  Despite the pressure, they took everything in stride, and their guests were happy to do so, too!  The result was a beautiful and memorable day filled with love, patience, kindness, and grace.  Kjersten looked gorgeous, Josh was beaming, and everyone had a blast.  This wedding is a testament to what really matters most, two people who love each other no matter what the circumstances.  Thank you Kjersten and Josh for letting us be part of your wedding pros team.  Your love really shined through!


Flower Girl

Outdoor Wedding

Josh and Kjersten

Drake Oak Brook Reception

Credits:   Melissa Marie Photography.