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9. March 2016 16:03
by Phillip's Flowers

What's Your Wedding Style?

9. March 2016 16:03 by Phillip's Flowers | 0 Comments

When it comes to wedddings, are you a traditionalist, a romanticist, or perhaps a modernist? Inspired by fashion icon Vera Wang, these three styles can help any bride select the best bouquets and reception decor for her individual taste and personality. FTD Fresh explores all three in a series of recent blog posts featuring bouquets by Phillip's from the Vera Wang Wedding Flowers Collection. For the traditionalist, we created a simple compact bouquet of luscious white and blush roses. For the romanticist, our designers crafted a more natural handheld cluster of miniature white and lavender calla lilies. And, for the modernist, we selected a contemporary cascade design featuring purple phalaenopsis and cymbidium orchids with dramatic tropical foliage. Thank you FTD for sharing some of our work on your wonderful floral blog! See more inspiring Vera Wang bouquets to help find your style at Vera Wang Wedding Flowers.

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White Pale Pink Bridal Bouquet

Romantic Mini Callas

Purple Cascade Bouquet